I'll be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Future of Money and Wealth conference.

Tax strategy is a huge part of wealth-building and management … and the future of taxes just changed big time.

I'll share the good, the bad, and the great in the tax reform bill.

And I'm really excited to be part of panel discussions among a variety of top experts in economics, investing, real estate, currencies … and more.

This is a great opportunity to be in a room with Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, Chris Martenson and MANY others!

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the macro-factors affecting the future of your money and wealth … and actionable intelligence you can use to avoid pain and produce profits.

Just ONE great idea or relationship can EASILY make the whole trip worth it.

But it’s coming up fast … April 6-7 in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Click here now to claim your seat!