So it's been a week since I started my diet. Thanks for all of your positive comments to me and encouragement so far. I am happy to report that after one week, I am down almost 2 pounds. That means I have accomplished 15% of my goal in just the first week. And I owe much of it to the accountability factor.

Everyone who has ever been on a diet knows how easy it is to begin a diet and how hard it is to stick to it. Accountability is all about sticking to it. Because I am accountable to you, I think twice before eating a cookie or piece of chocolate. Not easy at any time, but especially difficult during the holiday season when we are bombarded with great food and treats.

I found two other effects of being accountable to you. First, I found that I did not put off my work outs. Knowing that this morning I would have to account to you, I made sure that I got in my work outs last week. Second, I was careful to weigh myself every morning. I did miss one morning, but 6 out of 7 is pretty good. By weighing myself I received a report each day of my progress. I also found out just how bad I am over the weekend. I was showing more weight loss on Saturday morning than I did this morning. (Weekends have always been a problem for me – too much proximity to the kitchen on weekends.)

Later this week I will talk more about reporting and its effects on our wealth. Just like my report from the scale, the proper report on our finances can keep us moving and can tell us a lot about when we are doing well and what activities help us or hinder us in our progress.

Warmest regards,