Yesterday I had the opportunity to volunteer at Deseret Industries in Mesa, Arizona. Deseret Industries, or DI as it is frequently called, is similar to Goodwill Industries and is a depository for used clothing, furniture, appliances and other household goods. All of the employees at DI are disadvantaged and most are handicapped. One of the missions of DI is to provide gainful employment for difficult to employ people.

My assignment was to work with Scott loading the compacting bin. Scott is a full-time employee who is simply down on his luck, recently divorced and trying to get back on his feet. He is taking classes on the Internet for a degree in Business Management. He probably should be in sales, as he is a very warm and genuine person who loves to communicate.

Our job was to sort clothes. Jeans and men's clothing (both very popular to store customers) were set aside. The remainder of the clothes were tossed into a bin that compacted them into large rectangles (similar, I suppose, to baling hay). The compacted clothes are then sent to needy people throughout the world. All in all, a wonderful organization that serves the community and the world in many ways.

While Scott and I were talking, he asked me whether I thought everyone has the potential to be successful. I answered with a very quick and very clear “YES.” So long as they are motivated, I believe that everyone can be successful.

When I speak to a prospect for our Strategic Wealth Coaching program, the one question I always have to get a clear answer to is the extent of the person's motivation to become wealthy. I sincerely believe that ANYONE, regardless of resources, can become wealthy applying the principles of leverage, velocity and tax planning. The three keys to wealth are KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and PROTECTION. You have to learn how to become wealthy, learn how to apply your knowledge (i.e., wisdom) and learn how to protect the wealth you accumulate.

I can also guarantee that anyone without a clear and firm commitment to becoming wealthy WILL NEVER BECOME WEALTHY. They may come into money, either through inheritance, gambling or otherwise, but they will never be able to retain the money and build it into lasting wealth.

My money is on Scott and others like him who are dedicated to their personal success and are willing to put in the time and effort to become financially free. Just imagine Scott, who is single, has three children from his previous marriage to support, is working full time and is taking classes on line. As long as he stays the course, Scott will find the success he is seeking. And so will you.

Warmest regards,