Yesterday at Robert Kiyosaki's staff meeting, we were talking about change. With the economy in the shape it's in, what are people going to do to change? How are we individually going to deal with the drastic changes in the economy that are coming when the Baby Boomers retire and start using Medicare? What causes people to want to change?

I was so enamored with our discussion, that I took it to my staff and we discussed it in our weekly ProVision staff meeting. Another great discussion. At the conclusion, one of my partners, gave me the following that helps explain change and growth.

All change and growth involves three steps:

1. DISSATISFACTION: Because of outer events or inner feelings, you decide your current situation no longer works for you.

2. CONFUSION: Normally, a period of confusion follows in which you challenge your old beliefs. You begin to fantasize how things could be different or what you would like to take place. This transitional period could last a day, a month, a year, or more … until something happens.

3. ACTION: Someone helps you to make a decision, or an opportunity presents itself, or you manage to attain clarity. Once this happens, you take action and, ideally, manifest a more satisfying life.

A lot of people are in the Dissatisfaction first stage of change right now because of the Economy. And many are in the second stage, Confusion, not knowing what to do since they have never been taught anything about Finance except what they hear from mutual funds on TV (which is a load of crap!). The key for companies like Rich Dad and ProVision is to help people take action. That's what we both do. Rich Dad helps you take action through education about the fundamentals of Finance. ProVision helps you take action through implementing those fundamentals in your LIFE.

So, don't let this period of confusion you are in last for a long time.

Warmest regards,