At the Rich Dad staff meeting yesterday, we were talking about leadership. The question posed was what are the qualities of a great leader. The one that immediately came to mind is Consistency. Let me explain.

A great leader is consistent between his/her personal actions and his actions in front of a group. Great leaders are also consistent in their actions and language regardless of the circumstance.

I know several individuals who are great guys in a social setting. They're funny. They're kind. They give much of themselves and their time. These same people are completely different in a business setting. In business, they have a reputation for not paying their bills, for cheating associates wherever they can and for not fulfilling their promises. I think they have compartmentalized their lives to the degree that they are almost schizophrenic. They see themselves completely different in the two settings. Somehow they have justified this to themselves for so long that it is acceptable to them.

Great leaders aren't like this at all. They are good all the time. They are fair and honest all the time. They give of themselves all the time. They may waffle on decisions from time to time. They may change their mind frequently (this will happen particularly if they are QuickStarts per the Kolbe assessment). Still, they are consistent in that they are the same person in any setting.

I know several people in this latter category as well. I admire them greatly. These are the people I want to associate with.

What does this have to do with wealth? Long-term wealth requires Consistency. Great business leaders, those who build tremendous fortunes and lead happy lives, are Consistent. They may not be kind or even nice. Still, they are consistent.

And true wealth is much more than having a lot of money. It's having good health, great friends, and a wonderful family who loves and supports you. One of my favorite movies is Meet Joe Black about a man who is about to die and is literally visited by death (in the form of Brad Pitt – who'd of thought?). It's clear by the end of the move that not only is this man wealthy and a great leader, he is consistent in all he does. He is beloved by all who know him, especially is children.

Just a thought for building wealth in these troubled time. Those who stay consistent will be okay. They will make through these times and come out well.

Warmest regards,