I had fun this morning doing two radio interviews – one in Gainesville, Florida on WOCA and one in Atlanta on WDUN. The hosts in Florida were Larry and Robin. Very nice, genuine people. The hosts in Atlanta were Joel and Bill – funny guys. What stood out the most for me was how basic I had to be in explaining what I believe to be basic financial concepts. Don't get me wrong – it was not that the hosts weren't intelligent people – to the contrary. Rather, it became more apparent than ever that the financial landscape is full of weeds (i.e., bad advice) and a desert of good information.

For example, a caller on WOCA who is retired called and asked what he should do to make more money on his investments. When I asked him what he currently did with his money, he said that he had it in cd's making 3-4% interest. How sad! Think about how much better he could live if he was making even 5-10% on his money. And what if he learned the rules of wealth that we teach and made 20-30% on his money? He could be traveling first class all over the world.

Another example was talking about taxes. The focus was on how much to withhold. While this is important, how much more important to actually reduce your tax bill permanently like we teach.

My point is that the keys to great wealth are:

1. Dream big
2. Learn the Rules
3. Take control of your wealth with a wealth strategy (plan)
4. Learn the ProVision Investment Process
5. Build your wealth team so you don't spend hours and hours managing your investments

A special thanks today to WCOA and WDUN for helping to get this message out. I really appreciate you taking time to talk to me to get more of this information out to your audience.

Warmest regards,