Recently, I had the opportunity to travel through Europe with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and Ken McElroy. What a wonderful experience. We met great people who are dedicated to improving their lives instead of following the blind (see “mutual funds”). One of our stops was in Stuttgart, Germany.

While in Stuttgart, not only did I get to tour the Porsche factory, I also met with a terrific German tax advisor from Nuremberg. He came to Stuttgart on his own time and nickel (euro) to meet with me and tell me a little about the German tax laws so I could be prepared for the seminar we were doing that evening.

I learned that the German tax laws are full of great incentives for real estate investors and business owners. Just like the U.S. and other countries' tax laws. How great is that?!!

One of our School of Tax Strategy students is doing some investing in Germany and would like the referral for my new friend from Nuremberg. If you would please call my office and ask for my assistant, Jessie, she would be happy to share that with you.

If any of the rest of you do business in countries outside the U.S. and work with a terrific tax advisor in that country, please let me know. I am searching for the best tax advisors in each country so we can refer our clients in those countries to a great tax advisor.