It's December 31, 2007. The last day of the year and the eve of the new year. Time for some serious goal setting.

My wife reminded me yesterday that I haven't always liked goals. Maybe some of you are the same. I didn't like goals because I felt they constrained me. As many of you know, being the youngest child, I hate being constrained. Personal freedom is my most cherished possession. So, why do I like goals now? Simply because they cause you to focus and focus brings results.

The most difficult part of goal setting for me is prioritizing my goals and making few enough of them to have a reasonable chance of success for all of them.

I recommend that you focus on your top 5 goals, whether they are personal, spiritual, financial or family goals. Most importantly, don't wait to set these goals. Make sure they are measurable and attainable. Be sure to set up a reporting system and an accountability system for them such as my weight goal. (By the way, I'm just under 173 lbs – a bit on a plateau but I'm pretty happy given all of the goodies around this time of the year.)

Tomorrow, I will share my top five goals for 2008. I'm going through them tonight with my wife and sons while we have some fun playing games and watching movies together. No reason goal setting can't be fun. And doing it with people you care about and who impact your success is important.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!!! Talk to you tomorrow. Be safe in your New Year's revelry.

Warmest regards,