It's mid-February and perhaps time to review the goals and resolutions we made on New Year's Day. It's so easy to forget them and get caught up in our daily life. And if we have broken a resolution, it's easy to discard it and say we will try again next year.

I look at my goals and resolutions every day. This helps to keep me focused on them. (I keep them in the note section of my iPhone so they are with me all the time.) Like most people, I have not been perfect with my resolutions. Of course, you know that, since one of my resolutions was to blog every day and I have been less than perfect in that regard. There's even one of my resolutions that I haven't even started doing yet at all.

But should we discard resolutions just because we aren't perfect? I would say NO! Every day we need to keep after improving ourselves. And isn't that what a resolution is all about? And let's celebrate what success we have had. While I haven't blogged every day, I certainly have blogged more than I did last year and I am determined to make this a daily habit. And I have kept one of my resolutions perfectly. So that's a big win.

My point is that we need to forgive ourselves and move on. If our resolution or goal is to lose weight and we slip and eat cheesecake, rather than beating ourselves up about it, just move on and be better the next day (or even the next minute). The same is true for our financial goals and resolutions. If your goal is to create a wealth strategy, it's not too late. Sit down with your wealth strategist and do the strategy. If your goal is to get financially educated, resolve again to read something new every day.

Here is what I know for sure. The more we focus on our financial health, the healthier we will get. When I'm focused on my triathlon goal, my weight goes down and my workouts improve. The same will happen with your financial goals. Stay focused and stay positive.

Warmest regards,