So just how committed are you to achieving your goals? Will you do whatever it takes to accomplish them? What if you have a hiccup in your plans and take a step backwards – will you quit or keep going?

These questions apply equally to any goal we set. I find a great similarity between goals we set for our physical fitness and goals we set for our wealth. I set a goal to get my weight down from 175lbs. to 165lbs. by May of this year. I started out well, losing 2 pounds in the first two weeks. Then, I stalled for a week or two and this past week I actually gained 2 pounds back. So what now? Do I quit because I had a bad week or do I redouble my efforts and keep after my goal? The real question is just how committed am I to losing those extra pounds?

The same questions apply to our wealth goals. Everyone wants to be wealthy, just like everyone wants to be thin. But are we really willing to commit to being wealthy the way we have to commit to being thin? What kind of commitment does it take to achieve wealth?

I have several clients who I feel are truly committed to becoming wealthy. We meet together twice a month to hold them accountable and to give them new tasks to perform to keep them on the fast track to wealth. We help them create budgets for spending and budgets for investing. I know they are committed because they never fail to do what we ask them to do, they never miss our meetings and they pay us a lot of money to help them become wealthy.

Whenever I talk to a prospective client, the primary qualifying question I ask is how committed they are to becoming wealthy. My experience is that anyone can become wealthy who is committed to it. But that commitment doesn't come easy. Just like it's not easy to pass up on that doughnut or cookie or piece of chocolate (my personal weakness), it's not easy to pass on buying that new cd, dvd, television or iphone. It takes dedication, commitment and perseverance.

And if you fall one day, just pick yourself up and re-dedicate yourself the next day. That's what I have to do this week. I'm going out of town Wednesday, and I always have a tougher time regulating my calories when I am away from home. It's really going to take commitment. I am committed to my weight loss goal. Are you committed to your wealth goal? If you are not committed, YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT REACH YOUR GOAL.

So commit today to your wealth goal. Set your goals, your interim targets, and devise your investment strategy. Then get a wealth strategies to keep you on track and give you the right advise.

Warmest regards,