Every time I turn on the news or pick up a newspaper, there is article after article about the sorry state of our economy and how much people are hurting. It's so depressing I hate to even look. And it's just going to get worse over the next few years.

Yet, this is the Great Opportunity! Never again will we see real estate, stock and business prices so low. But with all of the negative reinforcements, it's easy to sink into our own depression about the economy and worry about our own financial situation. These thoughts can easily prevent us from going out and doing something positive to take advantage of the Great Opportunity.

So what do we do? How do we keep our thoughts and actions positive? Here are three keys to positive thoughts and actions during this period of Great Opportunity:

1. Get out of the house and out of the office. And I'm not just talking about going to the grocery store. Go to a seminar or some other place where there are people who are talking positively about the Great Opportunity. I'm in Canada right now at Greg Hasbritt's Master Wealth real estate conference. 150 investors looking for opportunities. Next month I will be at the Rich Dad Annual Forum in Orlando. 1200 investors looking for opportunities. These are positive environments where the focus is entirely on opportunity.

2. Associate with people who see opportunity in the Great Opportunity. This may require some serious changes in your life. A number of years ago, I had to make a change in a business partner. It was the most difficult choice I have ever made, since this partner was also my best friend. But while immensely painful (and, to be honest, still painful when I think about it), it was one of the best decisions I have ever made as it has made a huge improvement to my business and has greatly reduced the stress in my life. Think about your friends, your business partners and associates, and your advisors. Are your advisors constantly telling you to pull back and to protect what you have or are they advising you to take advantage of the Great Opportunity? If the former, it may be time for a change (your CPA, for example?).

3. Take time every day to thank God for all of your many blessings. And thank your family, your friends and everyone you meet who helps you in any way. Yesterday at the Master Wealth seminar, Greg invited the staff of the Hotel Arts where we are staying to come on stage so we could give them a round of applause. The energy in the room was amazing. I don't know who got more out of this show of appreciation, the staff or the seminar participants. I know it was very positive for my mental attitude.

4. Take time to serve others. (I know, I said 3 keys – just consider this a bonus). Serving gets us out of ourselves. We begin to see that our problems are not so big and we feel so good about the help we give others. This is my greatest reward when I teach, whether on stage in front of 1,000 people or with my Sunday School class of 5 eleven-year olds. It is such a privilege to serve others.

It's easy to get sucked into the great negative that is being perpetrated on us by the goverment and the media. So get out and do something positive and take advantage of the Great Opportunity! And be thankful. We have so much.

Warmest regards,