Late last night I learned that a friend of mine passed away. Apparently, he had a heart attack. In his late 40's, he left a wonderful wife and six amazing children. He was a fine, fine man and a terrific father, husband and friend to everyone he met. Everyone liked him.

Yes, this is a tragedy. It's also a celebration of a life well lived. He didn't live nearly long enough. Still, he had a positive, lasting impact on hundreds or even thousands of people, including my son, Sam.

What do we learn from this? Life may be shorter than we think. Don't postpone doing good in the world, doing good to your family. My friend was successful in business as well as his family and for the same reasons he was successful with his family. Because he cared and loved everyone he met.

We can all learn from this. We can all care about others and show them that we care. We can take time to talk to them and listen to them. To joke with them and pray for them. My friend will be remembered for how much he cared for others. Will we be remembered the same?

I want all of you to know that I personally care about the success of every person I meet. Whether through a blog, when I'm on stage, or as a client or other business associate. I want you to succeed.

I apologize for being gone from my blog for so long. I will repent and get back on it. No excuses. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend. Remember the lessons from my friend. Be good to others and life, no matter how long or short, will be worthwhile.

Warmest regards,