It's Monday morning and I'm in the elevator on my way up to my office from the parking garage. Another person gets on the elevator at the same time. Trying to be polite and friendly, I ask him how he is doing. His response is, “Ugh, it's Monday.”

Is this you? Do you dread Monday's? Do you live for the weekend? If so, I truly feel sorry for you. Wouldn't you rather get up on Monday morning and be able to say to yourself, “Hooray, another Monday and another week of doing what I love to do?”

This is our real mission at ProVision. To teach people how they can change an “Ugh, it's Monday” into a “Hooray, it's Monday!” The secret? Doing during the week what you love to do. And here's another secret. If you do what you love to do, you will make more money!!!

So how do you figure out what you love to do and how to make money from it? That's the secret we share with all of our Strategic Wealth Coaching clients. We show them how to discover what type of investments they would enjoy doing and then work with them to get them doing it successfully. Whether it's a business, real estate or the stock market, there is a type of investing that is right for you.

So hang in there, all of you “Ugh, it's Monday”‘s. There's hope for you.

Warmest regards,