The argument my wife would use against self discipline is that it is essentially denial. Why give up what you enjoy today for the prospect of something tomorrow? Should I deny myself that donut so that I can have a thinner waist?

Perhaps the question really is what matters most to you? I'm at Walgreens the other day picking up a condolence card for the daughter of my friend who died last week. The person in front of me is a woman who is perhaps 30 lbs overweight. She picks out a candy bar and ice cream novelty at the register. I'm thinking, “Don't do it, lady. It's not worth it.”

Perhaps it is worth it to her. Certainly it's not worth it to me. I work too hard to keep my weight down and care too much about my health. Perhaps, though, I am casting my judgment on her and suggesting that I'm right and she's wrong. Maybe she really prefers the candy and ice cream to keeping her weight down.

So what's important to you? I think this is a valid question. So long as we ask it each time we make a decision, we will tend to make the best decisions. Let me know what you think.

Tomorrow we will talk about the positive side of self discipline (you knew it was coming) and my thoughts as to have our cake and eat it too.

Warmest regards,