I'll be honest, the stock market hasn't been my thing. But if anyone can change my mind, it's my good friend Andy Tanner. He's one of my fellow Rich Dad Advisors. And the way he explains how to cash flow paper assets is fascinating.

You can see what I'm talking about when you watch a short new video he just released to his students. Fortunately, he gave me permission to send it out to a select group ­čÖé

It's actually a cool sneak preview for his new Rich Dad Advisor book that's coming out pretty soon. The book is called Stock Market Cash Flow.

If you're like me, anything with the words CASH FLOW is a winner.

Just one thing…he told me this video is coming down pretty soon. So you'll want to check it out asap.

Watch Andy's Short Stock Market Cash Flow Video Here:

Seriously, this is information that will get you excited at the possibilities.

Andy shows you how Warren Buffett banks a ton of money with a very similar strategy that anyone can imitate. This one strategy alone could be worth a nice chunk for you.

Check It Out Now So You Don't Forget