Opposition is necessary in order for us to grow. If we want to build muscles, we must provide opposition to muscle movements, i.e., weights. If we want to build our spirit, we must work to overcome the challenges that might cause us to shrink. Our mothers referred to this as building character. And if we want to build wealth, we must address the challenges that come our way and not run away from them.

It's only through serious effort that we build wealth. I do not believe that if we think happy thoughts, wealth will land in our lap. I agree with abundance theory in that there is an unlimited amount of wealth available. This is evident in the simple concept of money supply that we learn in Economics 101.

But I do not believe that we can just sit around and wait for money to come. We have to work for it. And it might be difficult. But, as we flex our wealth muscles, we will find our financial strength increasing as we increase our financial literacy.

I encourage everyone to go out and just do it. And, do it now. We are in the best real estate market for investing we have seen in 15 years. If not now, when? Work hard and succeed. There is not one person reading this blog who is not capable of becoming financially free. Let me know how I can help you.

Warmest regards,