What do you do when you have setbacks? Do you give up? Do you keep going? Do you buckle down and work even harder? Do you change tactics?

My weight is not coming down at all. But every day I weigh myself and I think about my goals frequently throughout the day. I have come to two conclusions. First, I need to have, as Chet Holmes would say, “pigheaded determination.” Second, I need to change tactics.

Actually, I really need to add something to my life. That something is a strategist. In this case, it may be a personal trainer or it may be a triathlon strategist. Let me know if any of you know a good triathlon strategist in Tempe, Arizona.

What do I hope to gain from a strategist? A strategist should not only make me accountable, but should also have the knowledge and experience to teach me how to train and how to eat in order to accomplish my goals.

The same is true when you are building wealth. A few people can do it on their own. They can read self help books or take a course and then build their own wealth. But, like losing weight, this doesn't work for most of us. Most of us new a personal trainer. We need someone who can keep us focused and give us advice on our spending habits, investing and wealth building.

Do you have a wealth strategist? Is it time for you to stop messing around with self help guides? Most of you realize that ProVision sells self help materials. Why? Because many people want to take the baby step of going through some self help materials before accepting the long-term commitment of hiring ProVision. But once you have the confidence in us that we can train you, hold you accountable and keep you focused, you will want to hire us as your personal wealth strategist.

Warmest regards,