Introducing WealthAbility™ U!

The new and improved learning platform to help you achieve tax-free wealth…even faster.

Wealth Strategy U is now WealthAbility™ U (Use the same password to login)

A Note from Tom Wheelwright:

Thanks for joining us here at WealthAbility™ U. My team and I have been working for over a year to create an updated, refreshed and exciting new way to help you achieve your financial goals. Some things have moved locations and changed names from when they were on Wealth Strategy U, so use this page to help master the new platform FAST.

Happy learning!

– Tom

What You’ll Find in WealthAbility™ U


  • Refreshed and Updated Courses
  • New Tools and Resources
  • Simplified and Easier-to-Use Layout
  • Improved Design
  • New Ways to Learn
  • Much More…

What’s Changed Between Wealth Strategy U and WealthAbility™ U?

Below are a list of the key differences between Wealth Strategy U and WealthAbility™ U. Below this table you will find more explanation on the course resources we have created to help you.

Wealth Strategy U

[NEW] WealthAbility™ U

Previous Names and Functionality

Updated Names and Functionality


“Lessons” – Each course has several lessons, which include multiple ways of digesting the information in the course.

“Notebook” – Summary of session video

“Quick Dip” – Summary of each lesson and a “Lesson Takeaway” for each.

“Workbook” – Detailed course content

“Deep Dive” – Detailed course content

“Updates” – Summary of updates to course content issued periodically

“Fast Facts” – Current rates and figures; courses are designed so the current rates and figures are available without having to wait for the entire course to be updated.

“E-Coaching” – series of 4 emails that act as a guide through the materials

“Action Steps” – Specific steps to take to bring the course concepts to life and build your strategy

“Live Coaching Video” – Video of Tom answering questions live about the course

“Real Q&A” – Tom’s written answers to your most common questions

“Tips” – Summary of tips shared in the course

“Tools” – Resources and visuals to implement the concepts presented in the course

Ask Tom Live

  • 2 live sessions with Tom each month (1 Tax edition and 1 Wealth edition)
  • Access to recordings of previous live sessions
  • Access to Q&A archive

Ask Tom Live

  • 2 live sessions with Tom each month (Wealth and tax topics covered in each session)
  • Access to the most up-to-date recordings of previous live sessions
  • Access to Q&A archive (now called “Real Q&A”) – all have been updated for the new tax law.

Course Resources – Designed to Help You Build Wealth Faster

We’ve developed our courses specifically to cater to entrepreneurs and investors just like you.  Our courses are designed for all styles of learning, from auditory to visual and kinesthetic.  You can complete some or all of the materials included in each course – whatever works best for you and your learning style.

Each course includes:


Listen and watch as Tom Wheelwright, CPA guides you through the course concepts in a series of lessons that are short videos.Tom uses his electronic white board to explain the concepts right on your screen. Tom highlights the parts that are most important and shares how to integrate them into your strategy. Lessons can be marked complete to track your progress. If you prefer to listen to the lessons in one file, a single audio file with all of the lessons is included. Format: Streaming video for each lesson. Streaming audio file with all the lessons.

⚡ Fast Facts

Whether it’s the tax law or other facts, they can change fast.The Fast Facts contain the specific amounts, rates and other changing information related to the course content that you’ll want to use in your strategy.The Fast Facts are regularly updated to provide you with the most current information. Format: PDF

⏱️ Quick Dip

The Quick Dip is a fast way to get an overview of each lesson. It provides a bullet point summary of the key concepts presented in each lesson. Time stamps are provided so you can go directly to specific concepts.. A “Lesson Takeaway” is provided for each lesson so you can quickly gather the highlights of each lesson. Format: PDF

📄 Transcripts

Each lesson video is transcribed to provide another way to break down the course concepts. Format: PDF

📘 Deep Dive

If it’s details you want, the Deep Dive delivers. The Deep Dive provides in-depth information about the course content. Format: PDF

Real Q&A

Discover how the course concepts apply in the real world. These are questions gathered from entrepreneurs and investors applying the course concepts to their strategy.Each question is personally answered by Tom Wheelwright, CPA. Format: Webpages

✅ Action Steps

When you are ready to apply the course concepts to your strategy, let the Action Steps be your step-by-step guide.Taking action is critical in your strategy – without it, you’ll struggle to get the results you want. Format: PDF

🛠 Tools

From calculators to structure diagrams to worksheets, the tools are designed for you to apply specific course concepts to your strategy. Format: PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have access to on WealthAbility™ U?

  • You’ll have the same access you had on Wealth Strategy U – and maybe more so keep reading!
  • If you had access to certain courses on Wealth Strategy U, you’ll have access to those same courses on WealthAbility™ U.  The courses have been (majorly) updated and some have been consolidated so you’ll get access to the same great content – and maybe more if the course was consolidated with other courses.
  • If you had access to Ask Tom Live on Wealth Strategy U, you’ll have that same access on WealthAbility™ U as long as your subscription hasn’t expired.  Ask Tom Live subscribers receive full access to ALL the courses on WealthAbility™ U. That’s 20+ courses at your fingertips! (Be sure to keep your subscription current to enjoy this major upgrade).

How has Ask Tom Live changed?

  • Major upgrades have been made to what is included in Ask Tom Live.
  • For starters, Ask Tom Live subscribers receive full access to ALL the courses on WealthAbility™ U. That’s 20+ courses at your fingertips! (Be sure to keep your subscription current to enjoy this major upgrade).
  • Tom will continue to deliver 2 live sessions per month.  These live sessions won’t have a “Tax Edition” or “Wealth Edition” designation.
  • The live sessions will continue to be recorded. Recordings from the last 6 months’ of live sessions are provided to you on the Ask Tom Live page in your WealthAbility™ U account.
  • The Ask Tom Online archive is now called the Real Q&A archive. These are the top questions gathered from entrepreneurs and investors while creating their strategy.  Each question is personally answered by Tom Wheelwright, CPA.  And each answer has been updated for the new tax law.

How have the courses changed?

  • The courses have received a major overhaul and have been updated for the new tax law.  Some courses have been consolidated to provide maximum content in a single course. The course materials have been redesigned to provide more actionable tools to create your strategy.

How do I log in to my WealthAbility™ U account?

Where can I find the billing and expiration information for my Ask Tom Live subscription?

  • Log in to your WealthAbility™ U online account.  Go to My Account and then click on My Subscriptions.

How long can I access my Wealth Strategy U account?

  • Wealth Strategy U accounts will be available through December 31, 2018.

What’s the difference between a course and Ask Tom Live?

  • A course provides you with materials on specific concepts that guide you on applying the concepts to your strategy.  Courses are self-study and are accessed through an online account.
  • Ask Tom Live is a monthly subscription. It includes two monthly live Q&A sessions led by Tom Wheelwright, CPA.  Ask Tom Live subscribers also receive full access to all courses.

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