One of my favorite activities is to attend the Rich Dad staff meeting. I really appreciate Robert allowing me to come. He has a way of opening my mind to new ideas that I cannot really describe. He is definitely on the cutting edge of whatever he does and constantly is thinking of new ideas.

One of the ideas Robert presented yesterday was about how important it is that we feel productive. This idea may not be cutting edge in the traditional sense of the term, but it a very important concept for business owners and investors like myself to think about. Everyone in the organization needs to be and feel productive.

Productivity does not just mean you are busy. It means that you are busy doing something that you are good at and you are being successful at what you do. The first question I asked myself on my drive back to the office was whether each of my employees was productive. This is a fairly challenging question that all business owners should ask themselves every day.

People who are not productive simply are not happy. They don't feel like their life is fulfilling or that they are contributing to the organization. And, in fact, they probably are not contributing to the level that the should and could.

Some of the business owners reading this may feel like I used to, i.e., how can anyone not be or feel productive? Can't they generate their own productivity? After all, entrepreneurs by definition are idea generators and never lack for productive work. Sometimes, however, we feel like everyone else should be just like us.

In my experience, there are relatively few people are idea generators. And most of these people own their own business and/or are working diligently to create their own wealth. As employers, we have to help our employees see our vision and give them direction so that they can be productive all of the time. Not an easy task.

Productivity is also a question that every investor should ask him/her self. Is your investment strategy productive? Do you feel productive with your investment strategy? Are you making the progress you want to make? Is your chosen asset type (paper, business, real estate) something you are good at? If you are not good at it, is it at least something you enjoy doing and are you doing something to get better at it? Finally, do you have someone helping you evaluate your investment strategies whose sole interest is in your success (i.e., they have no personal/financial interest in what investments you choose)?

Just a few thoughts provoked by the master mind of Robert Kiyosaki.

Warmest regards,