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The Timing is Great

Thousands of baby boomers are retiring every day in a world where interest rates are sadly low, the stock market is at scary highs, and long term inflation in food, energy and healthcare poses a very real threat to long term purchasing power. Investors are looking for income, tax breaks and long term protection from inflation.

Meanwhile, real estate has stabilized, but there are still lots of bargains available in the market. Best of all, there is a real sweet spot between Mom & Pop investors and the big hedge funds and REITs. It's the perfect playground for small and mid-size syndicators to find excellent returns for their investors.

Recently, new more relaxed regulations are promising to make it easier for start-up syndicators to raise money in full compliance with the law.

History may show this to be one of the greatest opportunities of this period and our expert faculty is excited to share their know-how about tax, legal, marketing and deal strategies that work in the real world. Join us for two full days of practical, proven training!

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