I continue to get many comments about my weight tracking and goals.

I mentioned a few of them previously, but here are a few more. My next triathlon is set for May 3rd in Rocky Point, Mexico. That is the date for my weight loss goal (down to 165 lbs) and my waist goal (32″). I also have a goal to cut my time to under 2 1/2 hours from just under 3 hours. Most of this will come from the run, as I did not train for the run on my previous triathlon and was hobbled by swollen tendons in my heals.

Now for the report. Despite going on a business trip this past weekend, I am down to 173 lbs. I'm pretty happy with that, given that I went to two family holiday parties and twice ate at my favorite burger joint, Crown Burger. (If you ever get to Salt Lake City, you really have to go to Crown Burger and try their specialty burger, called the Crown Burger.)

Keeping accountable to all of you and having specific, measurable goals has been great to keep me on track for my weight loss. But how many of us have specific, measurable goals for our wealth? Do you have a goal for your wealth? Do you have a goal for your income? Do you have a goal for your cash flow? Do you have a goal for your tax liability? Tomorrow, I will explore these goals more. For now, just remember that “Financial Freedom is Closer Than You Think” but you have to have goals and accountability to reach your financial freedom.

Warmest regards,