I have been asked to speak to several church groups over the next two months on the topic of financial preparedness (ward conferences for you LDS folks out there). So I have been preparing my talk these past couple of weeks. I have 10 minutes to speak, so I have to make it count. So I'm wondering would could provide the greatest benefit to these people in that short of a time?

When I have heard similar talks about financial preparedness in the past, the focus has always been on budgeting your expenses and making sure you live within your means and save money. Not only is this boring, it is extremely negative and pretty much worthless. I want to inspire people and I don't think anyone is inspired by the thought of depriving themselves of what they want and need through the idea of a budget. Both “budget” and “save” are negative terms that are all about scarcity.

Instead, I have decided to talk about creating a wealth plan, or strategy. See, if we focus on a plan, we have something positive to look forward to. As I mentioned the other day, the first step of a plan is to determine your goal. And the first step of forming a goal is to decide how you are going to celebrate when you reach the goal. So, by focusing on a strategy, we are now talking about the most positive topic possible – celebrating!!!

I would encourage all of our readers to get rid of your budget, stop saving, and start planning for a great celebration when you reach your goals. Instead of saving, begin by investing, i.e., creating a wealth business. Doesn't having your own wealth business sound a whole lot better than saving money and budgeting? Not only is it more positive, it is the ONLY WAY TO BUILD PERMANENT WEALTH. All great wealth has been created through business.

And it's really not very difficult once you have a system or recipe to do it and especially not if you have a great wealth strategies to guide you through.

And wish me luck in my presentation this Sunday. I can use your good vibes. I will be speaking at 11:00a.m. MST on Sunday.

Thanks for all of your positive energy.

Your financial freedom is closer than you think.

Warmest regards,