Over the years I have personally worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and investors to reduce their tax liability and build their businesses and their wealth through strategy.

As I have reflected on the varied success of these clients implementing my recommendations, one thing stands out loud and clear. Those clients who are successful in other areas of their life are the most likely to be successful implementing our wealth and tax strategies. Business owners who are successful in their business before they begin working with us are vastly more successful improving those businesses, increasing their wealth and reducing their taxes than business owners and investors who are only mildly successful in other aspects of their lives.

I suspect there is something critical about this commonality among successful clients. We first must learn to be successful before we become successful. It doesn’t really matter where we are successful. It could be in athletics, business or employment. The cream always rises to the top. This is why I recently suggested to Rich Dad Education that they ask my friend Blair Singer to teach a class on becoming successful individuals and team members. Blair is an amazing teacher and motivator. Any of you who get a chance to take one of Blair’s classes should take advantage as soon as possible.

If you can’t get to Blair’s classes, look at your life and be a little introspective. Are you as wealthy or otherwise successful as you would like to be? If not, why not? And join us at Ask Tom Live – Wealth Edition every month where we discuss topics on how to build massive amounts of wealth and reduce taxes by 10-40% every day. Click here to learn more.