The big secret really isn't a secret. Many of you will read this big secret and think to yourself, “Of course! I know that. Tell me something I don't know.”

The big secret to creating wealth is to take action.

A Typical Wealth Plan
When I meet with a new client, this is what their plan to create wealth typically looks like:

– They spend most of their time at work.
– They go to work in hopes they can “get ahead.”
– They spend 8, 10, or even 12 hours each day working hard for money.
– They spent anywhere from 12 to 20 years or more in school preparing for their profession.

And yet, the bottom line is they are not ahead at all.

They may have a few dollars set aside for a rainy day, and have an investment here and there, but they aren't creating any lasting wealth or making significant strides towards their dream retirement…even though they are working hard enough that they deserve to create some wealth.

My job is to put them on the right path to creating wealth – one that creates lasting wealth – and I am able to do that because they have taken action. With the right path to follow, they will continue to take action.

Most of my clients are pleased to learn that taking action doesn't always mean working hard for their money. Wealth creation is not simply a matter of hard work. It's a matter of knowing how to make money. This is why a large part of my role with clients is to increase my clients' knowledge about how to make money.

What Action Will You Take?
There are 2 months left in 2012. What will you do in these 2 months to build permanent wealth?

If you did something every day to positively impact your wealth, how much wealth could you build in the next 30 days? In the next 60 days? In the next year?

And while many people know this big secret, very few actually follow it.

Set aside an hour in the next week to map out your action plan.