I've been busy updating my online courses for recent changes in the tax law.

One of the reasons I love taxes is that the tax law is always changing – with these changes, there is always an opportunity to reduce your taxes.

If you have any of the following online courses (on WealthStrategyU.com), be sure to check out the updates:

– Making the Most of Your S Corporation (STS 03)
– Getting the Most of Your Home Office Deductions (STS 06)
– Magic of Depreciation (STS 07)
– Maximizing Deduction of Your Start Up Expenses (STS 16)
– Basics of Estate Tax Planning (STS 25)

Step-by-step instructions to access the complete updates:

Step 1:
When you login, you should be directed to ‘My Account' page. If you aren't, select ‘My Account' from the top navigation menu.

Step 2:
From ‘My Account' page, select ‘My Online Courses'.

Step 3:
From ‘My Online Courses' page, select the online course you’d like to access. Scroll to the bottom of the online course page to the section titled “Updates”.