At ProVision, we focus our clients on their wealth strategy. With regular meetings, our clients have excellent success. But what happens when you have a setback? How do you keep going and what do you do?

One of our great clients, we will call her Alice, recently had a serious setback when her husband contracted cancer. This was a huge setback for them, both financially, due to the cost of insurance and the cost of treatments, and more especially due to the amount of time and energy these treatments consume. How do you overcome a setback like this?

I had a considerably smaller setback recently when, in the midst of my training for my triathlon in May (and desired weightloss to go with it), I injured my foot for the third time in a year. I had to stay off it completely for about a month and now have a boot to wear for another 6 weeks. How do you overcome the setback?

The most important thing to do is to stay focused on your goals and keep moving toward them. A setback is just temporary and as long as we stay focused, we can still accomplish our goals. For Alice, she simply will have to concentrate what time and energy she has on her business and investments and focus even more intently during the few hours a week she can devote to them. For me, I have to maintain even better focus on nutrition, since I won't be able to run until a week or two before my triathlon. (Fortunately, the doctor has given me the go ahead to swim and bike – no excuses there.)

So, whether you have a major setback like a loved one with cancer, or a minor setback like a foot injury – stay focused. Lack of focus is the single biggest deterrent to creating massive amounts of wealth.

Warmest regards,