Today I am off to Lake Powell where I will compete in the triathlon I have been training for on Saturday. A couple of comments about this.

First, it's October 15th. Some of you may recognize that this is the final deadline for personal income tax returns. I am able to leave today because at ProVision, we have systems and people in place that allows an owner such as myself to not worry about tax deadlines.

Second, I've been thinking about the race and what I hope to accomplish. As I stated earlier in the year, my goal is to break 2 hours and 30 minutes. It will be tight, though I do have a shot at doing this. My previous best, by the way, is 2 hours and 57 minutes. I know my swim is better and my bike is much faster. As always, my concern is the run. For the run, it's mostly a matter of concentration so I don't hurt or strain my weaker left leg. I learned the other day when my ipod shuffle died that if I'm not distracted, I can run so my left leg doesn't tighten up. (Of course, the same is true for wealth building. That's a discussion for another day.)

Third, I have been wondering which is more important, the process of preparing for the triathlon or the triathlon itself. My conclusion is that the goal of the triathlon is a part of the process. It's the motivation part. Everything from what I eat and drink, my sleep and general health, my workouts and the triathlon itself is part of the process of becoming healthier.

And it's worked. I'm in better shape and feel better than I have in many years. It feels great to be comfortable pedaling hard for 30 miles at a time. I'm looking forward to continuing my training and reaching for new goals to keep the process going. I love the process!!!

Wish me luck and send me your wings. I'm going to need them during the run.

Warmest regards,