Lately I have been thinking a lot about the effect of energy on my business and finances. I have long believed in the value and the power of positive energy.

Only recently, however, have I witnessed the power of positive energy in my own life. As some of you know, I left a bad marriage almost a year ago. My wife was not a bad person – she just had a lot of negative energy and it was draining my energy to the point where I could not function very well at times.

The effect of leaving that negative energy environment has been extraordinary. Friends regularly tell me that I seem lighter and much happier. People in general respond to me better. Most interesting, though, has been the effect on my business. Since leaving, my business has improved. I haven’t worked more or harder on my business. I am not any smarter. We are simply more successful. I believe this is a direct effect of the change in my environment. The house I am in is bright and open and has great energy. I am more open to ideas and change.

So take a look at who you hang out with. Examine the space and energy in your home. Is there anything you need to change in order for your energy to be higher or more positive? For me, it’s not that my energy is higher (I have always been know for high energy), it’s just that my energy is better. And better energy brings better friends, better life, more money and more happiness.