Every day I speak to people who want to know how to permanently reduce their taxes. This makes sense, since I am a CPA and I have spent 30 years showing business owners and investors how to permanently reduce their taxes by 10-40%.

Sometime during my conversation with them about taxes, invariably they ask me about how to build long-term wealth. They think I must also know about this because I'm a CPA. The good news is that I do know how to do this. But not because I'm a CPA. Most CPA's I know, in fact, know very little about how to build wealth. I know because I have done it myself.

The reality is that most people are 3-6 months away from bankruptcy and some are only a couple of weeks away. If you lost your job, how long could you live without a paycheck? If it's not at least one year, you are in bondage to your job. As the economy continues to weaken, you are more and more at risk for losing your job, your home and your ability to put food on the table.

Sounds pretty bleak, doesn't it? But I am here to tell you some GOOD NEWS! The American dream is alive and well and will live on throughout any recession or depression we might encounter. During the Great Depression, there were thousands of people who made lots of money and became millionaires. How did they do it?

They had a clear Wealth Strategy. They had built a business around their investing and continued to make money in the worst economy this country had ever seen. They were truly FINANCIALLY FREE! They didn't have to worry about a job, whether they could pay their mortgage, or if they would be able to take a vacation. Because asset values, such as real estate, plummeted, they made even more money than they had before the depression.

YOU CAN TOO!!! You need a solid Wealth Strategy and a great Wealth Team.

Warmest regards,