Last night, I had the great privilege of being a guest on Kim Kiyosaki's webinar that she does each quarter for PBS. The topic centered around our current economy and whether this is an adversity or an opportunity. Kim asked me a very important question:

Q: What are you recommending to clients in this current economy about how to deal with financial challenges?

A: Education, education, education. I explained that as our knowledge about finance and investing increases, two things happen. First, our risk goes down. The more we know about any investment, the lower the risk because we know how to invest. Second, investment returns go up. We are able to take advantage of better investments when we know how to deal with them and how to find them.

I went on to say that after knowledge, the next key is FOCUS. It's critical that you focus on a single type of investing activity. I was very clear that the idea of multiple streams of income from multiple types of investing as recommended by several of the “gurus” is garbage. It simply doesn't work. In fact, it cannot possibly work. How can you possibly master multiple investment strategies?

We teach our clients how to determine the right investment category for them and how to create a strategy that will be successful for them.

In reality, the only way to solve your current economic situation is to get educated in a new way to look at wealth. The old ways simply don't work anymore. Come visit us and let me know what you think.

Warmest regards,