I was reading my scriptures this morning and came across a passage that really struck home. The verse says, “I know that he (God) granteth unto men according to their desire…; yea, I know that he allotteth unto men…according to their wills….” What struck me was the relationship between desire and will.

How many of us have heard the idea that if we desire something, it will happen? We read this in several great books, including, “As a Man Thinketh,” and “Think and Grow Rich.” And, of course, the recent phenom, “The Secret.” There is no question that our desires play a major role in what we receive (especially our subconscious desires).

What I find is that the desire has to be so strong that, like this scripture explains, it becomes our will. Let me give you an example in my own life. I have long had a bad habit of biting my fingernails. Not a major challenge, perhaps, but not exactly socially approved. Not only do the fingernails look bad, there are the hangnails and other unsightly and uncomfortable results from this habit.

I tried for years to break the habit. And I have been unsuccessful until now. I set a new resolution this year to not just not bite my fingernails, but to keep my hands entirely away from my face. Unbelievably difficult. So far, though, so good. (Actually, of my 5 New Year's resolutions, this is the only one I've been close to perfect on.) I haven't bitten a fingernail in three months. I actually have fingernails that are all the same length. Amazing. I've even been thinking about getting a manicure. (Question to the guys who read this blog) – Do I lose my Guy Card if I get a manicure?)

So what's the difference this time around? It comes back to that scripture. Not only do I desire not to bite my fingernails, it has become my will. This principal doesn't just work for fingernails; it also works for all of the bad financial habits you may have. Do you spend impulsively? Do you put off your bookkeeping? Worse, do you put off your tax return filings until you are late?

All of these bad habits can be overcome if you desire it AND it becomes your will. You must will it. It has to be so important to you that you think about it not just occasionally, but ALL THE TIME. Remember, Napoleon Hill did not say, “Think once in awhile and grow rich.” He said, “Think and Grow Rich.” This means all of the time. It has to become your will.

As the old say goes, “where there's a will, there's a way.” The converse is also true, “without a will, there's no way it will happen.” (This last quote is mine.)

Focus, focus, focus on your wealth and make it your will and it WILL happen. Then and only then will your financial future be closer than you think.

Warmest regards,