Lately I have been thinking a lot about teams. What happens when a team works well together and what happens when it falls apart. We saw a clear case of a team falling apart in this year’s Super Bowl. Denver had a terrific, Hall of Fame quarterback in Peyton Manning who had just completed a record-setting season. And yet, from the first snap of the ball, the Broncos fell apart. Their opponent, Seattle, had a young quarterback with very little playoff experience. And yet, Seattle pulled together as a team behind a stellar defense and their young quarterback. Clearly, it was not the best, most experienced quarterback who had the most success and won the game.

We work with thousands of entrepreneurs and investors in our accounting firm, ProVision. Not surprisingly, we find the same result that Seattle and Denver found in the Super Bowl. When an investor thinks he/she can do it all by him/herself or when a business owner thinks they can succeed on their own merits, they inevitably lose out to the better team. Each month I teach a class for Rich Dad Education. We typically have 60-70 investors in the class. By the end of the three days I can tell very clearly which of these investors will be the most successful. They will be the students who form the best team. They will find and use the best advisors. Instead of focusing on how to be the best property manager or the best real estate agent, they will work to find the best property manager and best real estate agent for their team.

One of my greatest blessings is working with an amazing team. We have tax professionals, administrative professionals and client service professionals all pulling together every day to enable us to best serve the most entrepreneurs and investors as possible; helping them create massive passive income and permanently reduce their taxes. We love our clients and love to see them build great teams to have amazing success.