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The Top 4 Asset Classes that Reduce Your Taxes
I’m not a fortuneteller. But, if you tell me what asset class you invest in, I can pretty accurately predict if you’ll more likely be swimming in tax savings or drowning in disappointment. Discover the top 4 asset classes to reduce your taxes.

Your Unused Tax Brackets
Tax brackets are everywhere. They could be with your children, your parents, your in-laws or even a favorite cousin or niece. You can even create your own tax brackets by setting up corporations that do work for your primary business. If you have unused tax brackets, then you have the opportunity to reduce your taxes.

Deductions Get a Bad Rap
Have you ever been told that certain deductions are a red flag on your tax return so you shouldn’t take them? The key is to take them properly, which many people don’t know how to do. There are tons of ways to get deductions – legally.

Your Taxes Are Really an Asset
Instead of being your biggest expense, your taxes can become your biggest asset. Every dollar you save in taxes can be reinvested in your business, your real estate, your stocks or your commodities. Find out how to change your taxes from your biggest expense to your biggest asset.

5 Simple Steps
I list, in detail, the 5 steps I use every time I work with a client to legally reduce their taxes.

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