The WealthAbility ShowIn The WealthAbility Show, I guide entrepreneurs and investors into a revolutionary approach to thinking about taxes and wealth-building. I'm an unapologetic proponent of the radical idea that you are fully capable of controlling your own financial future. And that you–not Wall Street–have a God-given right to control your money, build your wealth, and achieve your financial dream.

In upcoming episodes of The WealthAbility Show, my guests and I will cover the specific strategies and tactics designed to do just that.

Episode topics will include:

● Rethinking the tax law as a series of incentives that can benefit savvy entrepreneurs and investors
● Understanding the 5 ways the government incentivizes via taxes
● Retaking control of your money (and your financial future) from Wall Street
● How to become a professional investor by making ONE decision over and over
● Envisioning your financial dream and the concrete numbers it will take to get there
● And many, many more…

In addition to regular shows featuring the principles of tax-saving and wealth-building that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and investors around the world, I will be interviewing some of the world’s leading financial minds. Upcoming podcast guests include:

● Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad
● Ken McElroy
● Andy Tanner
● Garrett Sutton
● Blair Singer
● Lisa & Josh Lannon
● Darren Weeks
● David Zook

Almost daily I hear from another business owner or investor who has read my book, “Tax-Free Wealth” and put it to work in their life and business. They tell me about the paradigm shift that occurred when they realized the explosive wealth-building power of legally and permanently reducing their taxes. And they tell me about how they achieved their financial dreams faster than they ever thought possible. That’s why I started The WealthAbility Show. So more people could truly own their financial future, and achieve their financial dreams.

The WealthAbility Show podcast will be published twice per month, with the first episode airing April 17, 2018.

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